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Hostile - [ ANGEL ] by MewShinobi
Hostile - [ ANGEL ]


[ File Last Updated - 2018 Sept ]

Alias: "ANGEL"

Race: Alien - Nnjyllknn (pronounciation: En-jeh-lee-kahn)

Danger Rating: 1

Active Locations: Various Populated Planets including Planet Earth

Known Associations: None

Trade: Serial Killer and Kidnapper

    Victims [Murder]: adults of many races, death by blunt force trauma and/or stabbing.

    Victims [Kidnap]: commonly children of many races, most turn up dead due to suffocation or malnutrition.

Tools: Body and Knives



Despite its gel-like quality from observation, [ ANGEL ]'s body possesses the strength to cause considerable damage to objects and humans.

ANGEL is capable of jumping from tall heights with little damage to herself.

Cutting off parts of [ ANGEL ]'s body may create more offspring.  Has been witnessed once during the [ Mission of 2013 March 16 ].



A tranquilizer dart to the eye seemed to have caused an inconsiderable amount of pain for one of the captured offspring. The same effect can be possibly repeated with the rest of the Nnjyllknn race.

No other weaknesses can be identified thus far.



Has knifes stuck into its body and was once shot without an agonizing reaction.  Possibility that [ ANGEL ] does not feel pain.

Possessed a polaroid camera.

[ ANGEL ] and her children have shown proficiency in Russian, English, and an unidentifiable language (presumably their native language).


Agency Encounters:


        2013 March 16

Hostile [ ANGEL ] plus 6 of her offspring infiltrated Semashka Hospital [ Nizhy Novgorod, Russia ] at approximately 1 AM.  Numerous patients and staff were harmed and killed during their infiltration.

A-gents were sent to investigate the hospital and apprehend [ ANGEL ], who at the time was not known yet to be the perpetrator of the hospital attack.

Two of [ ANGEL ]'s offspring were transferred to HQ01 instantly by the usage of a Trainee's ability, but due to unfortunate timing, the offspring ended up released upon numerous A-gents.   Injuries were minimal until the two offspring were subdued and put into holding cells

One A-gent was stabbed by [ ANGEL ] when the alien parent realized two of her offspring were missing from the area.  The A-gent retaliated by using his ability to tear off a piece of [ ANGEL ]'s flesh. The separated flesh resulted into another offspring just seconds after being torn off.

[ ANGEL ] escaped with her remaining 4 offspring quickly after the birth of the newborn.

Three holding cells in the prison of former HQ01 had held [ ANGEL ]'s three offspring.  The two that were transferred to HQ01 instantaneously and the newborn.  The newborn had a tape of the its "father's" voice playing in its cell in order to keep it tame.


        2014 April 25

After a list of strange occurrences relating to numerous murders, A-gents were sent to investigate the [Nizhy Novgorod Metro line] for the culprit with supposed alien correlations.  Mission coordinates brought A-gents to [Moskovskaja station ] as a starting point after previous research into the culprit's crime pattern.

Within the dark underground tunnel, A-gents encountered three of Hostile [ ANGEL ]'s children who asked them nicely if they knew "the father of a new sister."  A-gents denied any knowledge of knowing.  Following the reply, one more of [ ANGEL ]'s children appeared and told her siblings to flee.

[ ANGEL ]'s four children managed to escape as the metro line appeared within the tunnel.  One A-gent was injured as a result of the incoming train.

Hostile [ ANGEL ] was also discovered to be present during the ordeal.  While the hostile was attempting to escape with three unconscious children, she was convinced to give them up to A-gents, upon making a deal that she would give them back but then A-gents will have to find and return her children and the father of one child.


        2015 May

Approximately one year after the [ Mission of 2014 April 25 ], A-gents fulfilled the deal with Hostile [ ANGEL ] by returning her three captive offspring to her, with the claim that they found them imprisoned by a poacher high up north in Russia

When she asked about "the father of one child" who was meant to be found as well, A-gents stated that they were unable to find him.  [ ANGEL ] appeared obviously unpleased with the excuse, but A-gents prevented an attack by reasoning that they found all three offspring for her and were willing to send the alien family away to a "safer planet".  Ultimately, [ ANGEL ] complied with being relocated with her family, but became angered again when A-gents tried to gently ask her for the photos of A-gents she has taken, for security measures.  Even though [ ANGEL ] heavily refused at first, she gave in since she had her children returned, but refrained from speaking with A-gents any further.


Hostile [ ANGEL ] and her seven children were dropped off on the other planet without major conflict.  Crimes matching their criminal profile have continued on numerous planets afterwards.  There have been no signs of their return to Planet Earth as of present, nor has there been news of their capture.

[ File Ends Here - No New Information ]

A-Gent 103 - Manilla Welcomb by MewShinobi
A-Gent 103 - Manilla Welcomb


profile information

Name: Manilla Maisy Welcomb
103 aka. One o' Three

Age: 29
Date of Birth:
1989 February 11th
5'2" - 157 cm
Weight: 114
lbs - 52 kg

Hair Color: Vanilla blonde
Eye Color:
Chocolate brown

Glasses Shape: Goggles
Location Symbol:
Left cheek
Fluent [English], Intermediate [Tok Pisis, Russian], Elementary [French, American Sign Language] *

Theme: Den Den Passion -… | English Translation


Ability - | 5 |
Defense - | 0 |
Balance - | 3 |
Strength - | 2 |
Stamina - | 4 |
Speed - | 2 |
Dexterity - | 3 |
Intelligence - | 3 |
Total: 17 + 5 [Ability]


Grenades and Other Explosive Materials

She's armed with the numerous types of explosives to make anyone keep their distance, which is a huge contrast to her touchy-feely attitude.

Some of her grenades are shaped and colored differently from the standard look.  The shapes ranging from stars to flowers.  These disguised creations are strung together on bracelet and necklace rings to resemble jewelry, and due to their smaller size, they provide smaller explosions compared to the rest of 103's arsenal.

Heat-Resistant Gum

More a tool than a weapon: heat-resistant gum provides a handy medium for 103's ability.  It can be chewed and blown like regular bubble gum, but after being blown, it hardens and turns non-adhesive.  The hardened material does not burn, catch on fire, or melt from bomb chemicals or a scorching heat source.  It comes in many colors, but is unfortunately flavorless.  103 uses the gum to form molds for bomb creation the majority of the time, but in times of improvisation, there are many good opportunities for its use.  This special type of gum is created and provided by the Medic class.

skills and specializations

Heavy focus on Fire Safety and Fire Control procedures.
Has trained herself to develop a good eye for detail, especially to spot safety hazards and weak points in an area or structure.  Also to understand how to disarm general explosives.
While knowing basic first aid like any A-gent, she has also shown readiness with burn kits at any given surprise.
Very knowledgeable about building grenades in standard and unconventional forms with assistance from her ability on the latter.
High awareness of the damage capacity of different explosives and chemical reactions.



Clown Bubbles

Basic Concept: Blow bubbles (yes gum) to the desired shape.


User can blow bubbles in any 3-D form according to the mental image in their mind.
        Now including balloons!


◆ User must have a liquid or moldable substance in their mouth to produce bubbles.
The durability of a blown bubble is dependent on the substance it is made out of.
        Ex. A bubble made out of milk is technically weaker and easier to pop than a bubble made out of bubble gum.
◆ Accuracy of the blown bubble's shape to the mental image is dependent on the user's concentration.  As a result, a bubble may have to be blown multiple times until it is made as desired by the user.
User is limited in a bubble's size depending on the amount of breathe they can put into the bubble without breaking it.
Producing sharp points on a blown bubble's form requires heavier concentration as a bubble by nature is more inclined to be round.  Bubble substance must also be durable to maintain those sharp points.


[ Happy + Bubbly + Silly + Touchy-Feely + Crybaby + Affectionate + Sincere + Optimistic + Careful ]

Guaranteed to make anyone question her real age, Manilla is a tidal wave of jolly.  With an affection of a little kid, she gets excited about anything and anyone, and she's sure to let everybody know!  She means every word she says, even if her compliments sound outrageous.  Which is most of the time.

Whether stranger or friend, Manilla doesn't shy away from the idea that everybody deserves love and happiness.  While her most preferred method of showing this is with a hug, she has a long list of other methods for those who prefer to stay a little farther from her reach.

Manilla can get a bit too emotional at times.  She can be smiling at one point of the conversation before breaking out in tears of happiness for some tiny sweet thing that came up.  This is also really noticeable when she's sad since she is quick to snap back from gloom to all smiles like a flip of a coin.  She keeps herself in control of these dramatic tendencies when she's working though.

As carefree as Manilla may be about everything, she takes her responsibilities as a Firebomber with immense dedication and understanding.  Any attempt to disregard safety and her efforts of keeping everybody informed can lead to a surprisingly stern scolding.



"Till I learned I could be more than this."


Born in France after an unsuspecting time of arrival, raised in America for the opportunities, and spent holidays in Melanesia with the relatives, Manilla comes from the merry Welcomb family, family of six.

Iosefa, the father, is a commercial pilot who fell in love with the also travel-hungry Asoese.  They both originated from similar neighborhoods in Melanesia, and it was Iosefa that helped her grasp the opportunity of becoming a flight attendent.  Asoese was 10 years older than him, but every time he set his eyes on her those times in the airports and inside the aircrafts, he put himself forward many times until she accepted him deeper in her heart.

Manilla became the first child Iosefa and Asoese had, and she reflected the energy both parents possessed.  The first 5 years were full of adventures fortified by a large imagination.  They had a simple residence in America as their main home by name, but they frequently traveled out to Melanesia to let Manilla spend ample time in the care of her grandparents and her other relatives.  She was a very loved child as the first born, but then with Asoese's second pregnancy, she got triplets for siblings.

Cheshire, Sawyer, and Canolla: the troublemaking trio, but their birth first had a more solemn effect on the family.  Asoese's health wasn't in good shape after giving birth to the three.  In order to provide a stable place of stay for the weakened Asoese and the children, Iosefa suggested the family stay in America for long term with the larger range of opportunities held in the country.  Asoese couldn't work as much as she used to, but Iosefa had faith in her and in her children that the state of their family will get better.

As Manilla grew older, she took on the responsibilities of her mother to care for their home and its residents.  Together with the triplets, with the encouragement of their father, they did all sorts of fun things to lighten up their family life.  From cooking to pranks, if there was a way to make their mother laugh, they would use it.  Even if some things made their father squirm, Iosefa allowed whatever he could if it made his wife smile.

Until one Valentine's Day, Manilla wasn't really aware of her ability despite some oblong soap bubbles being formed during summers with bubble wands.  Chewing gum was a better medium to hold clearer shapes, and with the lovely talks of marriage and romance floating in the air, Manilla couldn't help but-- pop!  Blow up a heart-shaped bubble.

It was a silly gift.  The last thing on her family's minds was that it was something incredibly supernatural.  Manilla had kept to simpler shapes when she started using her ability to entertain the neighborhood, but as she experimented more with her ability by herself, she grew strangely alarmed just how capable she was to create more complex forms.  However, the focus on her ability was pulled away instantly when the Welcombs faced another unfortunate situation.

Asoese was getting more unwell.  The numbers on the medical bills were putting a strain on her family's finances.  Cheshire, seeing they needed the extra money, pursued the path of a thief.  It didn't take long for the rest of the family to start becoming suspicious of the amount of money Cheshire was bringing back home.  Despite their refusal to use the money he stole, Cheshire found ways to sneak it past them with no takebacks.

Manilla, finding responsibility as the oldest child, chose a more honest path.  She went to law school for its potential to give her a career with great gains.  With such a result, she could help the family financially and bring her brother back.  But despite this outlook, Manilla couldn't say she really enjoyed the education.

Her natural bubbly demeanor wasn't taken very seriously among her teachers or her fellow classmates.  Despite keeping well enough with all the information thrown at her, she was seen as the kid who skipped all of middle and high school and ended up in college.  She stood out, but not many considered it a good thing.  In an attempt to make other people take her seriously, she mellowed out and put in an effort to control every bubbly quirk of hers.  However, this left her even more unhappy than before.

Falling asleep one night in the school library, Manilla was woken up startled.  Initially she feared that someone was going to reprimand her for slacking regardless for how tired she was from studying that week, but she met face-to-face with a golden haired man.  She came to learn that this man was A-gent Uno, the former.

It was alarming how much he knew about her situation, especially about her silly ability that she hadn't used for a few years since her studies for law school began.  His offer of a more fun place for her to work and still make a good amount of money was tempting, but it seemed too good to be true.  She quickly took back that thought once setting her feet within A-gency walls.


"With the chance I've been given, I'm gonna be driven as hell."


At 20 years old, Manilla started her firebomber training at HQ02.  After witnessing the former Firebomber leader in his element, she became one of his greatest admirers and sought to be someone just like him who lived life to the fullest.  Once receiving the first batch of heat-resistant gum created from the efforts of the Scientist class, she felt a strong surge of belonging within the A-gency, and that sense pushed her along the way towards her transfer to HQ01 as Trainee 01.

Being physically closer to the class leaders that supported her life changes made her incredibly happy.  They were like family, and she soon started seeing the rest of the A-gents the same way.

Then everything from the death of her precious class leader to the burning end of the beloved Scientist leader led up to the final battle against former Uno.  She chose not to participate.  Even though her tears were falling so much easier after losing so many people dear to her, someone's last words became the most meaningful message she has ever received.  Those words reaffirmed the notion that the A-gency was a family.  And she couldn't abandon a family- her family in its lowest point.

She was going to reach out to anyone with a smile on her face.  From more aloof individuals to those that matched up with her child-like demeanor, Manilla was finding so many interesting people in the A-gency.  And lots of these amazing A-gents actually befriended her.  Her love ran wide, even for those who couldn't completely accept all that loving in one go.  Her family was getting cooler every single day, and she was able to be a part of that family as they worked together to protect the world.

"But even if I crash and burn ten times a day, I think I'm here to stay."

Even with the food shortages, Manilla wasn't going to let the overtaken HQ01 be a reason to defeat everyone's spirits.  Though as much as she tried to be a mediator of peace, she was rebuffed many times for her all-too-positive attitude.  She cried, but stood back up and asserted herself even greater so that A-gents wouldn't turn on themselves.  They were all better than that and they would survive, she believed it with all her heart.

While leaving the portal dimension for good, Manilla felt a dreadful feeling of dejavu in her stomach.  The base was once again destroyed; A-gents had to have another fresh start.  The danger that had existed too close to home had made Manilla worried about what else the future had in store.  There would be more deaths, more injuries….what could she say to her family back home when she becomes a casualty?  She took a month off right after the portal collapse to be with her parents and her siblings until she figured it out.

There was a lot of yelling and crying out dishonesty, but there was no mistake in the path she chose.  Only she had to believe that.

Pushing onward with a revived love for stickers, Manilla returned to HQ02 the beginning of February 2015.  All the dangers that followed since couldn't scare this clingy miss away.  There were a lot of tears, but she hopped back on her feet after every threatening strike and skipped on.  She had a very important job to do as a Firebomber and as a person.  Even after all these years, she was still making her way as a very happy A-gent.

medical information


Bloodtype: O+
Scarring from superficial frostbite on lower legs (mission), smaller scars from bomb debris damage on torso, arms, legs, and head (mission).


Medical Record:
Superficial frostbite on lower legs; 6 month recovery.  Lost partial feeling, but no major complications. (September 2015)
Bomb debris damage; treated with no issues. (March 2017)
Minor scratches and bites on hands and legs, treated with no issues. (Date TBA)
Mild gas poisoning; one week recovery.  No further complications. (Date TBA)


Two of her idols are Elle Woods and Emmett Richmond from Legally Blonde.  Musical version especially.
Will reward great achievements with stickers!  Look out for those random stickers on her face.
Careful!  She's a hugger.
Has a teddy bear in her equipment bag that holds the burn kits.  It has the second job as being a comfort buddy.
Posts motivational drawings and signs in the Bombers Bay to encourage Firebombers to be awesome but also to remind them of safety cues.
◆ She really loves cats but they're so aloof to her that sometimes it breaks her heart. </3
◆ * Has learned some words and phrases in German, Swahili, and Italian from her friends and those around her.  She always loves to learn and listen to all sorts of languages.


A-Gent 54 - Nahel Banko by MewShinobi
A-Gent 54 - Nahel Banko


profile information

Name: Nahel Aimee Banko
54 aka. Fifty Four

Age: 28
Date of Birth:
1990 April 30th
5'7" - 170 cm
132 lbs - 60 kg

Hair Color: Dark Fuschia [natural], Black [currently dyed]
Eye Color:

Glasses Shape: Standard
Location Symbol:
Palm of her Left hand
Fluent [English], Vantage [Japanese], Intermediate [French, American Sign Language]

Secret - IU…


Ability - | 5 |
Defense - | 1 |
Balance - | 4 |
Strength - | 2 |
Stamina - | 2 |
Speed - | 3 |
Dexterity - | 3 |
Intelligence - | 5 |
Total: 20 + 5 [Ability]


Steel Fans  
Resembles a common folding fan until its strength is tested.  With its sharpened edges and the steel's potential to enforce a strong blow, this weapon is mainly used for defensive measures against attackers in 54's hands.  54 always has a pair with her at easy access.

skills and specializations

Possesses a high perception for detail, allowing her the ability to pick up body signals during observation and to detect abnormalities within a given environment.
Very capable of taking on varying personas and disguises when going undercover and utilizing them to gather information.
Is able to maneuver around an area covertly, carry out infiltration methods, perform parkour, and execute armed and unarmed self defense.
Disciplined under Japanese swordsmanship and tessenjutsu, the martial art of the Japanese war fan.



Immunity to Gunshots

Basic Concept: Cannot be harmed by any amount of gun fire.


User does not feel pain from being punctured by any sort of bullet.
The user does not bleed from bullet wounds.
Bullet wounds can regenerate by the user's will at any time.
No limit to the amount of bullets the user can take.


◆ Regeneration of bullet wound can not be activated unless bullet or bullet fragments are absent from the wound.  Trying to force regeneration can cause interior damage to the body around the still lodged bullet.
User is still vulnerable to all other injuries.
Immunity does not spread completely to bullets that can explode/produce fire upon contact of the user's body.  While the damage caused by the bullet's penetration will not make the user suffer, the user can not be immune to the damage from the explosive nor regenerate from the explosive damage.  This also applies to outside abilities attached to bullets.
Poison/sedative/etc. that is released by a bullet upon puncture can still be absorbed into the user's body within the bullet wound, but at a slower rate by only a few minutes.


[ Quiet + Reserved + Curious + Polite + Gentle + Thoughtful  + Devoted + Playful ]

Encountering Nahel may be a little mysterious at first since the woman holds an unmoved disposition.  She'll always have her eyes on you, but it can be hard to read what she's thinking or feeling most of the time.  Rarely does she ever have an unkind thought about another person though as can be proven with her very soft and well-mannered words.

While it may appear that she lacks a sense of humor, it's actually the opposite.  This woman loves to laugh and enjoy herself around others.  It is not the case of trying to hide her emotions, but rather she just requires the fuel to reveal her smiles whether it's a simple friendly gesture or a silly joke.  She may even make the first move and start poking fun at you for some appealing quirk of yours.  Through many light-hearted interactions can Nahel begin to open herself up a little more, and in time, she could see someone as a person she will give her devotion to.

Once someone becomes important to Nahel, she'll never let them go from her heart.  Close relationships are a treasure to her, and she'll do whatever she can to help friends even a little bit.  Her smiles reveal themselves all the more sooner without further reason than simply being in someone's close company.  This also means she'll becomes more likely to tease, which may come unanticipated due to her usually formal demeanor.  She tends to watch for those moments when one begins to flush and seize the opportunity to make them flush even harder.  Embarrassing reactions kindle her curiosity and amusement, but she will back down if seriously told so.  To her, the worse thing she could do is upset a person she finds dear.


"As secret as the wild bee's song." 

1990 April 30, San Francisco, CA:  Aiko [CLASSIFIED], 8 months pregnant, and husband Claude [CLASSIFIED] were sent to the hospital after an attack on the pair.


The baby had to be forcibly delivered due to Aiko's injuries, and fortunately, the baby girl turned out healthy.

She was born into the world with naturally dark fuchsia hair and red eyes.  Unable to explain what the nurses called a curse, the baby's parents quickly left the hospital before the rumors went out of control.  Soon after, the three of them secretly moved out of state to escape threat on their family.  Changing their names, the now named Banko family settled in a secluded cabin in the forests of Chicago, Illinois.  The parents did not officially name the baby until after they left the hospital.

Nahel grew up with little access to the outside world.  She spent all of her days inside and around the cabin with her stay-at-home father while her mother was always working away in the city for long hours every day.   It didn't particularly bother her that she couldn't meet anyone else but her parents.  She felt they were all she needed.  Nahel was rather persistent in joining her father for the outdoor chores once she got big enough in order to help out, and the more time she spent with her father, the more she grew distant from her mother.

By the age of 7, Nahel received news that her mother was pregnant.  Her mother began spending more time home as the pregnancy progressed and as her tummy grew bigger.  It felt strange to have her mother be home and just watching her do the chores while her father worked on the bigger stuff.  Nahel had this idea that her mother was some superhero, saving the world everyday whenever she was out of the cabin, but having her so close for longer than she was used to….she realized the lack of true love she felt for her mother.  Seeking to meld their relationship, Nahel first asked about the pregnancy, and Aiko happily explained it to her and how she had carried Nahel the same way in her tummy.  That was the first of many more meaningful moments together with her mother.  Through these moments, Nahel started to learn many things from her: stories, recipes, and skills that became passed down from mother to daughter.

When her new little sister was born into the world, they named her Nova.  A month of maternity leave increased Nahel's time with her mother and her new sister.  The family was inseparable until the day Aiko had to return to work.  Nahel and her father were given the responsibility of caring for Nova at home.  Every day, Nahel devoted her time to loving Nova while her mother couldn't be there.

For Nahel's education, Claude took the responsibility of home schooling her since Aiko had to work.  Aiko and Claude didn't know how the public schools will react to Nahel's looks at her young age or if they'd even accept her in school, and for such reasons, they waited until Nahel was old enough to go into her last year of middle school to test out the waters.

Nahel had no issues keeping up with her public school classmates when it came to tests, but she dealt with strange glances and taunting by the staff and her classmates.  Though the taunting never reached the level of physical bullying, Nahel faced bullying in a very heavy verbal sense.  Despite these issues, it was Aiko that kept Nahel in public school, knowing the child needed to learn to socialize with different sorts of individuals and develop the strength against those who judge her.

Nahel found comfort in the public library, surrounded by books and silence.  As her mother had to work later than school was open, she was used to spending her time reading and doing homework on her own while she waited for her mother to pick her up.  In her own private adventure in the library, she became acquainted with the computer.  It opened up a new world to her and she found herself being well absorbed in using digital data and retrieving information without the physical sense of books and paper.  The library was her sanctuary from the loud city life she could never really appreciate.

When it was time to think about college, Nahel decided on Website Development, an area she was very interested in understanding how it worked.  She chose a college she could commute to in order to still be there for Nova and her parents.  Her first winter break from college came, but her way of life would further change.

A stranger infiltrated their home and subdued the Banko family after a momentary struggle.


The stranger left the cabin silently with only his footsteps to be heard clicking on the wooden floor. 


Two days after the incident, taking her father's hunting rifle, Nahel followed the unknown footsteps in the snow and tracked down the stranger to the city.  It took two weeks of gathering information and traveling through different areas of the city until she finally tracked down the stranger's location.  Confronting him, she had the rifle pointed at him until the former A-gent Uno of golden hair appeared and started fighting with her intended target.  The scuffle brought the stranger's gun to Nahel's feet.  And in that moment of seeing the gun, she fled with it.


On the last bullet in the cartridge, she was stopped from pulling the trigger by former A-gent Uno.  After witnessing that she had an ability to not be affected by gunshots, he offered her a place in the Agency.  At this point in time, Nahel was 18 years old. 

"I can't look back like a child filled with fear."

Greater than the few sessions of ability testing and the all new environment the Agency possessed, being alone was the hardest for Nahel to cope with.  To fill in the loss of her family, she devoted herself to the man who saved her and the man who would become her class leader.  She chose the Spy class out of the Ten, working her hardest to learn what she needed to in order to become a fine A-gent that no one would regret taking in.  After two years, she was officially ranked, and by then, Nahel had found her smiles again.

In one of the many surprises at HQ01, she found herself in the company of a lot of energetic folk.  They were much to keep up with, but Nahel never minded too much once the shenanigans settled.  Being in their lively company made her feel happy and accepted, something she felt missing from the outside world for most of her life.

First love came too easily when Nahel was asked out by former medic leader Yuusuke.  Their relationship only lasted under a year.  Around the same time it ended, other precious things were crumbling apart.  Nahel's class leader abandoned the Agency, leaving her devastated, and news of former Uno's betrayal came as a rude awakening.  After working with her fellow A-gents to defeat their former leader, Nahel couldn't really smile the same.

"Something inside me seems to have given up.  My soul is tired."

With each of her friends seeking a future outside of the Agency one after another, Nahel felt herself becoming more and more alone.  Not only that, there was the extra pressure coming from her recent heart transplant which left her vulnerable to more health risks than before.  Nahel soon feared her remaining loved ones would leave her the same as the rest, and as much as she tried to hide behind a solemn facade, her anxiety regrettably broke out in a desire to find consolation.

"All that inside you's still breaking, but you can change."

Nahel was five months into recovery from her second heart transplant by the time A-gents had to leave the overtaken HQ01.  Compared to her traumatic experience after the first transplant, the path to recovery this time around went considerably easier on her body.  She stuck close to her friends, relying on their company through the time cooped up in the SLB with the other A-gents.  Although food and water were becoming scarce and fights were breaking out constantly, Nahel stayed relatively quiet about it all.

She was transferred to HQ05 right after the collapse of the portal dimension for final observation.  There was only a need to watch her recovery for one more month before she was given approval to resume training at HQ02 in February 2015.  The following year was spent working more with the remaining spies in and out of missions which kept her mind focused on her duties to her satisfaction.  However, during the down time of the Christmas season, a delayed blow of grief consumed her heart.

Moving forward felt like something she couldn't manage to do at all.  But once realizing that her purpose within the A-gency was endangered by her breaking mindset, Nahel isolated herself for a month's time to retrieve some sense of closure for her losses.  At the close of Jan 2016, she had made certain decisions that helped her regain her mental stability.

After a mission in Japan that ended in early April 2016, Nahel stayed in the country for four months to become more acquainted with the same culture that her mother abandoned.  She couldn't help to be drawn to it; the seasonal festivals were pots full of new discoveries.  During the spring of her stay, Nahel came across the usage of the common hand fan as an accessory to dance and soon learned it was also used as a weapon in Japan's history.  She pursued both practices with great interest until she was capable of continuing her training on her own at HQ02.

With both feet firm on the ground, Nahel currently stands in her role as an A-gent with unwavering formality and appreciation.  Time wasn't going to stay still or rewind as much as she wished for it.  The future was going to take much more away, she was sure, but she had to be strong.  There was something special she had realized in the present that was worth keeping up with.

medical information

: A-
: --
  Long scar down chest area (heart transplant surgery), scarring on left hand palm (training), burn scarring on back (mission), long cut above left eye (plane crash), small cuts on thighs and arms (missions).

Major Surgeries
Heart transplant done to improve weak heart condition. (June 2011)
Brain surgery done to remove crystals implanted in her brain by ENEMY Grin during mission. (Jan 2012)
Lens transplant for her left eye after receiving damage from plane crash. (March 2014)
Heart transplant done to switch the previous heart with one grown out of Nahel's own stem cells to reduce rejection and other health complications. (August 2014)

Therapy Sessions:
13th January 2012, attended an appointment with Dr. Jubel.

Athazagoraphobia -> The fear of being abandoned, forgotten, or ignored by those she loves.  Has seemingly come under control to the point that only the actual act of abandonment/being forgotten/being ignored will cause a severe reaction.

Father Complex (Positive) -> Will show dependence on father figure(s), leading to high levels of stress and depression if neglected by them.

Although reduced greatly by the most recent transplant, stay alert to any health changes.
Resting heart rate is higher due to heart transplant.


Well-versed in Victorian and Japanese flower language.
Sings and dances in private, but doesn't mind performing either with a partner if she can entice someone to do it.
Her favorite treat is bread/pastries with any flavor of jam.
Sews clothes, quilts, and fabric dolls; often as gifts for other people.
May be climbing trees on a starry night, if not climbing on the roof of her house.
Enjoys the company of flowers, farm animals and peaceful wildlife.
Covers up her visible scars with make-up and wears brown contacts during missions.



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