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Pixel Pink Welcome Banner by Momoko-chu

pinkbun button 2 by Siinipinkbun button 2 by Siinipinkbun button 2 by Siini

SWEET-ness Icon 04 by Gasara  omg thank you so much for those who filled up these slots, it makes me so happy;;;  give my hands some work to do.  Once I'm done with all the commissions in the list, I'll reopen my commissions and it'll stay open until it fills up and so on ;v;❤

pinkbun animated divider by Siini

First time opening up commissions! So excited to lead into the new year with this. /v\ I'll be accepting 3 commissions at once to see how it goes.  Be nice to me;;

(3/3 taken)

1. :iconmasterchiefhammer: Pink Bar Letters Finished by YuikoHeartless[link] Pink Bar Letters Paid by YuikoHeartless
2. :iconlittleneonlily: Pink Bar Letters Finished by YuikoHeartless[link] Pink Bar Letters Paid by YuikoHeartless
3. :iconmiha-hime: Pink Bar Letters Not Start by YuikoHeartless

Paypal [Accept] by RevPixy
This is the only type of payment I will accept for right now!  Commissions under $10 are paid after the final image is approved and then the hi-res version will be sent.  Over $10, half is paid once the sketch is approved and the other half after the final image is approved.  Any questions about how to pay can be asked in your commission note!

How to Order:

Send me a note with the following information:
Type of Commission: (Example: Full Color Sketch - Fullbody, One Character)
Name of Character(s), Personality, Backstory: (the more I know about your character, the more I'll be able to draw them properly!)
Physical Description: (Written description, reference photos, color palettes, ect.)
Details: (Poses, Actions/Interactions, Expressions, Setting, Direction of lighting, Mood, Theme, Props, ect.)
Extra Bonuses/Notes: (Special requests, deadlines, questions, ect.)

What I will Draw:

Comment by acornbutt original characters
Comment by acornbutt fanart
Comment by acornbutt cute, deformed animals/creatures
Comment by acornbutt fluff/romance

What I will not Draw:

✘ Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai
✘ Violence, Gore
✘ Furries, Mecha
✘ Characters with Extreme Demonic Associations
✘ Backgrounds ( I'm just not very good at them yet;;; )

Types of Commission & Prices:

Slightly messy lines with cross hatching and/or one color shading.
Money by acornbutt Headshot - $4
Money by acornbutt Half body - $5
Money by acornbutt Full Body - $6

A Sketch Bust 02 by MewShinobiLet Your Hair Down Christmas by MewShinobi

Cleaner concrete lines, no fill.
Money by acornbutt Headshot - $6
Money by acornbutt Half body - $7
Money by acornbutt Full Body - $8

Lineartexample by MewShinobiRosanalineart by MewShinobi

Flats - Lineart
Color or B&W fill under lineart.
Money by acornbutt Headshot - $9
Money by acornbutt Half body - $10
Money by acornbutt Full Body - $11

A Line Flat 01 by MewShinobiEvieflats by MewShinobi

Full Color - Lineart
Shading in full color under lineart.
Money by acornbutt Headshot - $12
Money by acornbutt Half body - $13
Money by acornbuttFull Body - $14

  Minnie by MewShinobiManillafull by MewShinobi

Pixel - SparkleBerry Bullet by firstfear For more examples of my art, check out my gallery and my art tumblr, Pixel - SparkleBerry Bullet by firstfear

Extra Bonuses
What else could you add to your lovely commission?
Money by acornbutt Each Additional Character - 50% of initial cost
Money by acornbutt Simple Animation - $3 to $5 estimate (Blinking or any other requests, we can discuss in notes)
Money by acornbutt Floating Images - $3 to $5 (depending on complexity and size).  In place of backgrounds, these are elements to surround the character(s) in the drawing, similar to the heart in Jan 2014 DA ID by MewShinobi    This can range from flowers, jewels, confetti, patterns, ect.
Money by acornbutt Any minor and major changes desired to the initial sketch will be done for free.  Past the sketching stage, any major changes will be charged 1/4 of the initial cost of your commission.

Divisor by acornbutt
  • Mood: Delighted
  • Watching: Markiplier
  • Eating: Ice Pops
  • Drinking: Grape Flavored Water


A Lovey Playlist by MewShinobi
A Lovey Playlist
❤ ❤ ❤ Commission for :iconlittleneonlily: ❤ ❤ ❤
Full Body, Full Color, Two Characters + Floating Image

Freddie and Evie singing a certain lovely song together~~  Can you guess what it is? :iconblushplz:

Art © MewShinobi
Evie Winters © littleneonlily
Freddie Finch © Tellytubbie
❤ Neeeeoooonn, thank you lots for commissioning meeee!!! ❤
A First Chance Meeting by MewShinobi
A First Chance Meeting
❤ NahelxEnebish ❤


Nahel © MewShinobi, Enebish © hullo-whats-that
Ville du Mort - Seumas Douglas by MewShinobi
Ville du Mort - Seumas Douglas
Name: Seumas Douglas
Alias: The Bard of Mercutio (self called)

Race: Kelpie
Age: 154

Occupation: Bard

Nationality: Scottish

: Neutral

: 6' 4"

: 174 lbs

Eye Color
: Crystal Blue

Hair Color
: Midnight Black
Blood Type
: -- (Water)

Ghost Letters
    The user is able to write/draw on a surface and within a substance with simply the movement of any of his body's appendages, such as fingers and toes.
        + Letters do not have to manifest directly at the tips of his fingers, for example.  They can manifest wherever he can directly see from his location.
        + The user can remove letters by his own will by simply blowing air out of their mouth, like blowing out a candle.  They can do this at a distance from the letters as long as they can see them.
        - The size of the letters is accurate to how big he actually draws them.
        - Depending on where the letters are drawn, it may be very easy to make them disappear without requiring the user-- waving your hand through letters made in mid-air or in water.  Or it may be very difficult to remove them on solid surfaces such as skin, brick, wood, needing to be rubbed out multiple times until the words are completely removed.
        - The color of the letters are limited to black and white.  They can not glow in the dark, but they can appear to reflect some light like wet ink.
        - Letters can not be moved/rotated/spun by the user from wherever they are written.  Only external forces like wind can move them if written in the air, for example.
        - Letters easier appear in the orientation that they are written.  If written facing east, the letters will face east.  It is very difficult to write letters normally and wish for them to face a different direction when appearing.

Weapon: Silver daggers, for those supernatural emergencies.  Much rather fight bare-handed.

[ Carefree + Whimsical + Attentive + Smart + Cynical + Morbid ]

Seumas and his father were just two.

Where is my mother?  Lacking an answer.  The son would come to most Kelpies are.  Yet his father stayed to guide the young foal, to make him strong and carry on the traditions of their beliefs.

One day, they met a normal Clydesdale horse in the woods.  Seumas couldn't quite understand her right away.  Why couldn't she speak to him like father can?  Something was missing between them.  But when he got close, still a tiny foal to a mature horse, she 'kissed' his head.

She's my mother!  It was a love he could never lack from then on, straightforward and unconditional.  No word of refusal came from his father, convincing Seumus further that they finally found their missing mother.  Of course, his new mother had no arguments, showed no doubts.  One day after another, the small child ate and stayed by his mother's side among the cover of the trees.

His mother would always nudge him to graze the forest, but he couldn't find pleasure in its taste.  There were many things about his mother that he still couldn't understand right away.  Where was her bridle?  Couldn't she turn into this thing called a human like he and father?  Doesn't she want to live in the water?  As much as his father tried to explain, Seumas could not find much understanding.  But his mother never looked bothered by anything.  So he didn't have to be either.  Sometimes he would climb onto his mother's back in his human child form, and she would give him rides, calm and exciting.  No matter what form he took, his mother could always recognize him.

Then suddenly one early morning he was thrown into the river.  His father jumping in after him.  Seumas couldn't understand why his mother was being led away by humans.  He saw her trapped within a fence on a farm among others who could not ask for freedom.

Why did you let mother be taken away?  ...

His father introduced him to a young Kelpie just like he, a girl who he fondly calls today as "Juliet."  Left on her own by her parents at an early age, Juliet was brought in by Seumas' father.  Together Seumas and Juliet would learn hundreds of stories of the world from him.  Their given choice was to retell these stories to the current generation, who have began to disregard the legends, the lore, and the epics that taught history and mistakes.

Having traveled worldwide to discover new stories and to inform the people of the bigger world, Seumas arrives in London, England, an empire, he has long noticed, that holds great power across the globe.  Surely such an area could provide huge events to be remembered, and possibly a populace that was so naiive to the creatures that live among them.

+ Being called by his given name
+ Tragedies
+ Children
+ Singing & Music
+ Simplemindedness
+ Those who lead themselves into doom
+ Moving water
+ Horses, especially Clydesdale breed
+ Secrets & Discoveries
+ The color green
+ Etymology
+ Art/Decorative

- Depressed humans
- People trying to manipulate him
- Heat
- Freezing
- Those who take things too seriously
- Hunters
- Unnecessary Fights
# Gets excited when he talks about his sister.
# Thinks about his mother a lot.
# Is very into Shakespearian plays.
# Plays a harp during his storytellings.

From Nahel and Julia by MewShinobi
From Nahel and Julia
❤ ❤ ❤ Commission for :iconmasterchiefhammer: ❤ ❤ ❤
Full Body, Full Color, Two Characters + Floating Image

A happy 2015 from Nahel and Julia~~ :icononiskiplz:

Art & Nahel © MewShinobi
Julia © masterchiefhammer
❤ Thank you so much for commissioning meeeeee, chiefychieeeeeef!!! ❤


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